Gum Problems Making Life Difficult?

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You may not realize the importance of gum tissues until you experience problems that affect your function or self-esteem. Issues like tongue-tie, a “gummy” smile or gum disease can all make it difficult to live a healthy and confident life. At Garazi Periodontics & Dental Implants, our periodontist has experience treating all these soft tissue concerns, from a gingivectomy to a frenectomy in Miami, FL. Our doctor has completed years of focused education and training after dental school in diagnosing, treating and preventing problems related to the gums. This experience also includes specialized bone and tissue grafting and dental implants. Our team has the expertise to efficiently and effectively treat your gum tissues with personalized and targeted treatment.

Before & After Results

Crown lengthening and Gingivectomy Before Ater Results, After Image
Crown lengthening and Gingivectomy Before Ater Results, After Image

Benefiting From Healthy Soft Tissues

Restored self-confidence

Reduced risk of cavities and disease

Better smile esthetics

Minimized gum recession

Fresher breath

Improved chewing and swallowing

Better enunciation and speech

Dr Isaac Garazi and Dr David Garazi

Our Soft Tissue Treatments


A gingivectomy is the surgical removal of the gum tissue around teeth. This is often completed when a person suffers from gum disease to trim away the damaged tissues and reduce the pockets between teeth. A gingivectomy may also remove gum tissue that is causing a “gummy” smile to improve the smile’s overall symmetry and tooth-to-gum ratio, and to reduce excess tissue that is prone to infection. Sometimes a gingivectomy is used to gain access to more of a tooth in need of repair. Without excess soft tissues, a restoration like a dental crown can be securely and snuggly attached. Patients who complete this treatment experience improved dental function and better smile esthetics.


A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the frenulum, or the tissue restricting the movement of the tongue or upper lip. Patients with tongue-tie or lip-tie can experience numerous functional problems associated with eating, swallowing, breathing and speaking. A frenulum that grows abnormally can also affect the development of the two front teeth, creating a gap that orthodontics may not be able to close. A frenectomy in Miami, FL is a fast procedure that is made painless with numbing agents and sedation. Infants, children and adults who undergo this procedure experience better function, health and confidence.

Patient with Dr. Isaac Garazi