Have Advanced Gum Disease?

Treat Symptoms With Osseous Surgery

The first stage of gum disease may not show obvious signs, but if you have advanced periodontal disease, you know the symptoms all too well: Swollen, receding, or bleeding gums, with deep pockets between the teeth and possibly even teeth that have loosened or fallen out. In addition, you may be suffering from recurring severe bad breath. If you’re living with this stage of gum disease, don’t wait to schedule a consultation with our periodontist for pocket reduction surgery or osseous surgery in Miami, FL! Treating gum disease at this stage requires surgical intervention to preserve the health of your gums and teeth. Our periodontist is a gum specialist with focused training in diagnosing and treating all stages of gum disease. Additionally, we have the expertise to replace any bone and teeth lost from advanced gum disease. With precision and skill, our team at Garazi Periodontics & Dental Implants can treat your symptoms and restore your health and quality of life.

How Osseous Surgery Improves Health

Advanced stages of gum disease not only damage your oral structures but increase your risk for systemic health complications, as well. Research has shown a link between advanced periodontal disease and health conditions like diabetes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Treating gum disease with osseous surgery in Miami, FL, can effectively restore health to your smile and improve your physical health.

During osseous surgery, we clear the calculus and bacteria that are causing inflammation and infection. Next, we trim away the diseased gum tissues and reshape the damaged bone. By restoring health to these structures, we create a better oral environment that helps preserve teeth, bone, and gums in the future while restoring proper function and smile esthetics. Without chronic inflammation affecting your systemic health, you will experience better overall health and the ability to eat, talk, and laugh comfortably and confidently.

Benefiting From Osseous Surgery

Mouth free from plaque and tartar buildup

No more active infection or inflammation

Better gum health and less gum recession

Minimize systemic health complications

Improved function for biting and chewing

Restored natural smile esthetics

Happy patient

Choose The Periodontal Surgery Expert

Periodontists are the only dental specialists with unique training and qualifications to treat soft tissue conditions like gum disease. With additional years of focused education and hands-on clinical experience, periodontists are considered the gum experts uniquely qualified to treat your gum disease with osseous surgery in Miami, FL. Our periodontist has years of experience not only in treating periodontal conditions but in related procedures, as well, including gum recession treatment, bone grafting, and dental implants to permanently replace lost teeth. We can help you improve the health of your mouth and restore a better quality of life with our specialized and targeted gum disease treatment!

Dr Isaac Garazi and Dr David Garazi