Our Technology

It doesn’t hurt to smile.
Garazi Periodontics has the latest in X-ray technology. All radiographs are taken digitally to minimize radiation exposure to patients. Traditional dental x-rays, panoramic and 3-dimensional CAT scans are all available at Garazi Periodontics. Thanks to this technology and to Dr. Garazi’s expertise, a complete and comprehensive examination can be performed so the right treatment can be carried out at our facility. Many patients believe that Periodontal procedures are painful. This is not usually true. With the correct techniques, and most importantly, the right doctor, your visit can be very pleasant. Dr. Garazi’s experience is the key factor that can make your procedure painless.
The Latest Technology and Materials
In Periodontics the technology and the materials used, are as important as the doctor who uses them. That is why we use the best technology available today to achieve procedures faster safer and more successfully than ever before. We also use the latest and most proven implant materials to make a permanent impression on your smile.

Make your dream smile a reality!



Periapical Xrays

Are the traditional xrays that dentists have been using for decades. Today our periapical xrays are digital. This minimizes the radiation exposure to the patient as well as giving the doctor the highest quality image available.

Panoramic Xrays

Are full mouth xrays that give an overview of the entire jaw structure. These are used to screen patients and for evaluation of sinuses and other areas not accessible to the smaller periapical xrays.

3-Dimensional Xrays

Also known as CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) or CAT Scans. These are the latest xrays available at Garazi Periodontics. CBCT allow the doctor to view an area in 3 dimensions for maximum diagnostic ability.