Do Braces Feel Like A Waiting Game?

Get Results Faster With Surgical Orthodontics

If you’re considering braces or you currently wear them, you may be discouraged by the amount of time this orthodontic treatment takes. Especially for adult patients, orthodontics can last between 2-3 years, during which time you have metal brackets and wires obstructing your smile. Our periodontist at Garazi Periodontics & Dental Implants has a solution for you with surgical orthodontics in Miami, FL! By partnering with your orthodontist, we can provide a procedure known as surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy (SFOT) to accelerate your treatment up to 2-3 times faster … often with more precise and longer-lasting results!

The Impact Of Surgical Intervention

  • Orthodontics completed in half the time
  • More predictable tooth movement
  • Precise outcomes for optimal health
  • Stunning natural smile esthetics
  • Restored dental function

Surgery From The Periodontal Experts

Our periodontist is part of the only dental specialty that completes advanced education and surgical training in treatments related specifically to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Our periodontist in Miami, FL, is not only knowledgeable in restoring functionality to these oral structures but also has the artistry and skill to optimize natural smile esthetics with advanced surgical techniques. With these unique qualifications, years of experience, and hundreds of satisfied patients, our surgical team is the top choice for your care. Our expertise in oral surgery can help you experience better orthodontic treatment and the results you want, no matter your age or the condition of your teeth. Our patients are thrilled with how minimally invasive this procedure was with sedation and pleased their orthodontic treatment was shortened, sometimes being completed in half the time!

Dr Isaac Garazi and Dr David Garazi
Dr. David Garazi

How Surgery Accelerates Orthodontics

Traditional orthodontic treatment with braces involves maintaining constant pressure on teeth to slowly move them through the bone and into position. For adults, this bone has completed its growth process and is both dense and strong, which often results in lengthier treatment. This also increases the likelihood of gum recession, bone loss, and gum disease. Our periodontist partners with your orthodontist so we can assist in shortening your treatment process while minimizing the risk of structural damage from braces. Surgical orthodontics in Miami, FL involves precisely adjusting the gums and removing a minimal amount of bone around each of your teeth. This temporarily decreases the bone’s natural mineral content so that teeth can freely move into position with significantly greater speed and accuracy. When the bone eventually heals, it is often stronger and denser than before, allowing for teeth to remain straight for predictably longer than with conventional braces treatment.