Too Much Gum Tissue Showing?

Rebalance And Restore Gummy Smiles

A great smile has many elements. It’s noticeably healthy and attractive. The teeth are all aligned, shiny, and whole. But there’s another aspect to a smile that many people don’t think of besides the teeth: the surrounding gum tissue. Gums don’t just provide a protective barrier for your teeth; they contribute to your smile. Ideally, they feel comfortable, maintain a healthy shade of pink, and are in good proportion to the teeth they protect. If they dominate your smile or make you feel self-conscious, you may need treatment for a gummy smile in Miami, FL.

As the acknowledged experts in gum health, periodontists are your specialists of choice for gummy smile treatment. They’re trained to address a variety of health, functional and esthetic issues related to the soft tissues and beyond. This training includes three years of advanced, post-dental school education in the form of a residency. Using that background, a periodontist helps create more balanced smiles every day with a gummy smile reversal procedure known as “gum recontouring.”

The Perfect Teeth-To-Gum Ratio In One Day

Highly effective cosmetic dentistry treatments, gum contouring, and crown lengthening make your teeth appear longer and your gums appear shorter, though your teeth will stay the same size. What’s more, we can typically complete your gummy smile treatment in just one office visit! For the procedure, we carefully remove the necessary amount of gum tissue from the base of your teeth. During this process, we take special care to maintain the natural curved shape of your gums around the teeth, removing the minimum amount of tissue possible to achieve the more pleasing teeth-to-gum ratio you desire.

We may remove excess gum tissue for other non-cosmetic reasons, such as creating room for dental crown placement or orthodontia or for deep cleaning. Removing this excess gum tissue can actually help you maintain proper oral health and limit your risk of oral decay. Whether your motivation is how you look or something else, we know how to fix your gummy smile!

Patient with Dr. Isaac Garazi

Life With A New Gumline

Gum recontouring provides immediately visible results and many other benefits, including:

A harmonious, balanced smile

A flattering tooth-to-gum ratio

Greater self-confidence

Decreased risk of developing tooth decay

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