Supporting utmost comfort and optimal treatment with stand-out dental technologies

Personalized and unhurried care is alive and well at Garazi Periodontics & Dental Implants in Miami, Florida. To further support our caring, kind, and highly competent professionals, our team, led by father-son duo Drs David and Isaac Garazi, has also invested in advanced technologies. Laser dentistry, for instance, allows these board-certified dentists to provide the most comfortable and efficient experience for our patients at our office. Furthermore, the use of laser technology promotes optimal healing and the best treatment outcomes. 

Effective treatment, built on a strong diagnostic foundation

Notably, our practice uses 3D imaging to aid in developing treatment plans that resolve conditions like gum disease in the most conservative way possible. To effectively treat, we must first accurately understand the underlying condition – what is going on inside of your mouth. Cutting-edge diagnostic systems help us to do that by rendering very detailed images of oral tissues and structures. These images can be viewed from a variety of different perspectives, which allows Drs Garazi to visualize what cannot be seen with the eyes alone. 

Three-dimensional imaging capabilities additionally allow us to take what was formerly only a flat, two-dimensional image and create a dynamic, 3D model of the mouth and associated structures of the face and jaws. By using advanced tech-based systems, we help to minimize the human error that may be related to conventional, manual diagnostic processes. Our patients have peace of mind that our doctors’ diagnoses are sound and based on accurate information and analysis.

With advanced certifications in specialized areas like periodontics, our office also strives to provide the best therapies to treat advanced gum disease. Lasers are a perfect complement; our Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP®, eliminates the cutting that has accompanied conventional treatments for periodontitis. 

We direct a precision laser instrument toward the damaged tissue. Energy generated by the laser then goes to work to eradicate harmful bacteria and toxins in a targeted fashion. With a light touch, our dentists also use the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser system to lift stubborn plaque or tartar from root surfaces. In turn, the laser is a minimally invasive alternative to using more aggressive and invasive instruments, such as scalpels. 

Many benefits flow from the conservative nature of this technique, including: 

  • The process minimizes pain and other undesirable side effects. 
  • It is tolerated so well by patients that shots or needles to numb the treatment site are not required. 
  • LANAP® further promotes fast and natural healing and the regeneration of both soft (gums) and hard (bone) tissues. 

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